New Tokonoma in the studio

For a few years now a garden Tokonoma has been established in the Kisetsu-en bonsai garden. I always dreamed about having an indoor Tokonoma as well to display bonsai all year around.

Our house isn’t that big though so it was first when my wife and I swapped workshops that the opportunity came around. My wife is an artist painter and needed a room with better light and therefore we renovated another space for her. After that, I took over the studio I build for her 7 years or so ago. An ideal place for me and now I could add that Tokonoma. At the same time, it is a much better facility for the Shohin Bonsai Online School. The studio now serves as a workshop, a studio for live streams and photoshoots, as well as a really nice area to just sit and enjoy a display of bonsai.

Studio and Tokonoma

The dimensions are a bit smaller than the standards because they should mainly fit Shohin Bonsai. It measures 170 cm X 80 cm (67 X 31 inches). The colour named Midnight Blue by Sadolin was chosen to add a different mood than the usual light colours, and I find it very pleasing. It also brings forward the trees from the background.

Most are built with recycled materials and for the full workshop I estimate all in all I have used 70 % recycled materials. Windows, doors, ceilings, floors and much more are old materials freshened up and reused.

The studio will be where you find me if not in the bonsai garden I am afraid. I already feel addicted to sitting there with my coffee and just enjoying the trees set up.

Also for the Shohin online school, this will be a central place. Filming and live streams will be from here, and I look forward to the next live stream Thursday at 8 PM, where Zelkova Shohin Bonsai is the subject. International timetable here (please remember every live stream is recorded and ready to watch shortly after the live stream ends. To watch again, or later if you do not have time when live).

Live Zoom Q&A stream – Thursday April 27 at 8 PM / 20:00 (CET +2)

Odense, Denmark: Thu May 11, 08:00 / 8:00 am
New York City, New York, USA: Thu May 11, 02:00 / 2:00 am
Canberra, Australia: Thu May 11, 16:00 / 4:00 pm
London, UK: Thu May 11, 07:00 / 7:00 am
Quebec, Canada: Thu May 11, 02:00 / 2:00 am

A full gallery of the new Tokonoma including a few before shots. Have a nice week ahead.



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