Hawthorn Shohin bonsai

Shohin bonsai can be created from a broad spectre of trees and shrubs. One of the main themes in the Shohin world is the seasonal changes.

To display this we need different species. From coniferous to flowering bonsai.

The red flowering Hawthorn

Every month I post a new species at the Online Bonsai Magazine, and this month selected species is one of my personal favourites in the collection.

This month shows the Crateagus laevigata ´Pauls Scarlett´ and in the video caretaking and development processes is explained.

Developed from raw stock to a good Shohin bonsai within 10 years of time. Now in the process of adding age and keeping it in shape. The bark has matured and shows a rough and old bark today. Something only time can do. The only disadvantage of this is that Hawthorns can have a tendency to loosen this old bark and it falls off in smaller pieces. Something that can be handled though.

Flowering is the season peak of course, but I love this tree at all stages.

Watch the full story in the June Online Magazine with 5 videos and 1 hour and 45 min. of bonsai information, techniques, styling, care and inspiration.

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