Watering bonsai in the morning or in the evening?

Singing birds and bees in the bonsai garden witness summertime in the bonsai garden have started nicely.

Temperatures rising and intense light from above add more growth to our trees. Also demanding more control and daily care.

One of my daily routines is starting the day with a cup of coffee, and take a walk around the bonsai garden. Just checking everything is fine and getting that relaxed moment of peace.

Secondly, it is picking up the water can, and water some of the trees that need watering.

Morning or evening watering?

Watering in the evening is the best when it´s about giving the trees time to drag up water and transpiration is low. If you have a tree that is dried out and needs time to soak up water. Else, trees watered in the evening will stand with wet feet all night long and that is less preferable in spring and autumn. Trees dislike having wet and cold feet. On hot summer days, it will not do so much harm if your soil is free draining.


Morning watering is less shocking for the roots as the trees are cooled down during the night and level better with the water temperature from the rainwater tank I have. Watering early gives the tree enough time to take up water for transpiration during the day.

Therefore mornings are the best when you water. As with everything else, this is the ideal situation. If your trees lack water, then water them. No matter when. If it is the middle of the day or night isn’t important compared to draught and roots harmed and set back.

There is an old myth telling that leaves will be sunburned when water drops are at the leaves. Water drops do not function as a magnifier glass that will concentrate light and bun leaves. Several studies have proven that to be wrong and just watch a Japanese bonsai nursery. They water several times a day during summer, and no harm done. In contradiction water misted cools down the leaves and the need for transpiration is hold back a moment.


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