DIY slab + egg-shell pot

The repotting season is started and we need pots. Or slabs and egg-shell pots. That’s what we do in BONSAI ON this week.



Because we find it cool to DIY. Making your own pots or slabs from concrete and a metal net (and some more) adds a lot of creative possibilities. It also makes you able to shape the flat slab or egg-shell pot in exactly the size, form, texture and colour you prefer.

In today’s video, we guide you step-by-step during a three-day work schedule. Showing every step from designing up to the end and finishing the work.

Ready now at BONSAI ON.



  • andrew beattie

    Perfect, just what i have been waiting for, thanks Morten you have created a realistic and achievable result.
    The slab looked a little thin, will it be strong enough to hold and move around the garden a group planting?
    You have sparked my creative spirit and i will be having a go once i have sourced the materials in England.

    • albek

      Thanks Andrew. That’s great to hear.
      The thin one is dedicated for a lighter tree arrangement and will hold it well. It is strong with the metal net inside supporting the overall strength.

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