Almost Friday at Kisetsu-en and Live Q&A

It´s almost Friday at Kisetsu-en. Today we start the repotting season by introducing a small Mame bonsai Trident maple.

Watch at the end of the post.


There are so many questions when we work with bonsai. About styling, growing techniques and aesthetics. 

That’s why we have the LIVE Q&A at Kisetsu-en. To answer your bonsai questions and – not the least – to have a good time with friends. Something we need these days more than ever.


LIVE Q&A today


Live Q&A March 10th at 8 PM (UTC +1)

Interesting in-depth topics already scheduled concerning finer branch development at Beech and Hornbeam. Also, follow up on the Pyracantha video that we recently released.

Join Live Q&A at this link.

Send in your questions now and we will discuss and talk in a friendly atmosphere. 

Recorded to review or watch to catch up if you can’t join live.



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