Kisetsu-en video magazine released

There is so much work behind every monthly release so it really is a relief when it is out. 🙂 
Now it´s time to talk about the content.
Today I will focus on the daily care of bonsai when describing the content.
Watering and fertilizing strategies need extra care during the hot summer months. Neglecting this will decline the health of your trees.
Therefore I focus on that but also brings in some styling tips especially for the summer period.
Having holidays may give some time to do that and enjoy the bonsai at the same time.
After the work with your trees remember to relax and enjoy. A thing I sometimes forget is to sit and watch trees. Although I preach it all the time, I also forget.
In the eagerness of creating and working with the trees. But as an artist of any craft, it is important to lean back and observe. This way you see what you missed in the working process.

The details. The bark. The nebari. The movement. The overall beauty of the tree.

Other headlines for July are

Seasonal care – watering, feeding and summer pruning
The species of the month is Shrubby honeysuckle
Q&A on foliage pads
Decorating your home with bonsai
Special on Spruce styling and important pruning technique



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