Trophy and book release

What a smashing good weekend it was at the Trophy this past weekend. The new book Shohin – through the Seasons released and very well received. Thanks for all your positive comments. Online and in real life 🙂

Grateful to receive all your friendly words from you who came to meet me at the Bonsai Esprit stand during the two days. It means a lot to receive such friendliness and sharing he passion of Shohin-bonsai (and all kinds of bonsai).

The book sold very well in both the English and French languages. Signed especially 20 extra copies for Paris bonsai shop before we closed Sunday. The book is published in English and French so far, and we are working on getting it out in other languages too. Stay tuned. Information will be posted if and when it happens.

Bonsai Empire invited me again to do a speech Sunday at 4 in the afternoon. It gathered a good crowd to speak for. I hope everyone enjoyed.

The exhibition

Because of the book signings and talks with people, I missed the demonstrations this year. Only got a glimpse or two of it, but it seems like some spectacular works were done. The organization behind this big show deserves credits for the huge work it takes to set up a show like this. I will be back next year for sure.

I have inserted a gallery of pictures from the event. Mainly from the exhibition and book release. Now I am back in the garden and will start preparing the trees for the growing season.


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