Forrest Grump

Don’t mention the war. Don’t mention the grumpy old men.

Well. I do it anyway. No offence intended (not much at least). But please take it positively.

I just wonder why there are so many (not only in the bonsai world) grumpy old men. There are scientific explanations related to hormones and transformations at a certain age that hits men – in my age and above (some before that it seems). That’s not funny and can be very challenging. But anyway. Why be grumpy when you meet up with bonsai friends and should be enjoying what you probably love. That should wash away any concerns and any grumpiness for a moment, leaving everyday life troubles a little behind. Just stay happy for a couple of hours and return to your grumpy mood at home. But please leave it out when you are with equals with the purpose of having a good time. Just a suggestion that will make yours (and others) day better.

Happy moment at Bonsai Namaste in India. With Kunio Kobayashi and wife, and Koji Hiramatsu.

There are so many good things in bonsai, that we should be able to make a short shake of the head and forget about the annoying stuff. Of course it is annoying when a hater find it worth the time to slam you in the face over a video on YouTube (that everybody else seems to like). Skip it if you don’t like it and leave it with that. Why ruin other people’s day with that?

With time I have learned that you do not get through  life with everybody loving you. That’s not gonna happen. So I continue as I have always done. But do not plant Forrest Grump if you want to meet new friends, and let new people in so we can evolve and expand the bonsai community. And having more fun.

On tuk tuk tour in the sgtreets of India with Tony Bebb. Not boring 🙂

Recently I was on tour in India, and had the great pleasure being with bonsai friends. There was a great mood and friendship that I also have enjoyed at other places and events. It filled me with a great feeling of being among good friends, having a very good time, despite any challenges and what else follows on a busy schedule. Like it is supposed to be. Even when you are doing a job. Having a good time and being nice to the people we meet. 🙂 That`s what it is all about besides being part of a great interest in a beautiful art form. It will be just a bit more beautiful when the “old grumpy” pack their mood away for a moment or two. Lets have fun.

Bonsai Namaste. With Rafael Torres and some disturbing turbans at the evening party 🙂

´ Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off…` – Taylor Swift.


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