The Bonsai Live Show in Telford

2022 is the year when the big shows returned in the UK. Organised by Mark Akins and Andrew Avraam. 
A huge job to do.

My part of the game was to do 

  • Q&A on stage with Rafael Torres (Spain) and Tony Tickle (UK)
  • Judging trees with Rafa and Nacho Salar (Spain).
  • Shohin Through the Seasons talk
  • Shohin Bonsai Masterclass demo

This all went on over the weekend and I moved on to a workshop at Beechfield Bonsai Monday. 


The event

The quality of trees was at a high level and dominated by larger trees this time. 

I hope to see more shohin and medium-sized trees going into shows the next time. I know they are out there, so just join in, shared and inspire.

The atmosphere was great and as always it is great meeting up with friends at such an event. As some said, it might almost be enough to open a room without trees, and people will still show up just to meet each other.  

The bonsai quality and time put into every tree exhibited is a joy to watch.

The event itself was with all activities in the same room. Which worked out well, adding a good circulation of people through all corners of the show. 

Shohin bonsai workshop at Beechfield Bonsai

After the weekend I went to Beechfield Bonsai to do an extra workshop. A very nice day in the countryside. 

Students were eager to learn and practise. What more can I ask for? We made some nice shohin bonsai for the future and had an enjoyable time. 

Photo gallery

A small gallerybelow. Watch all pictures at the Photo gallery. Click the button.

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