Spring bonsai and Live Q&A Thursday

It happens! Spring is just around the corner. Before that, we have the LIVE Q&A as always the last Thursday of the month. This time at the exceptional date February 29.
Temperatures are steady and after a storm the other day all trees are back on the benches. They were all set on the ground until the weather behaved again.
As spring comes closer the repotting does too. It’s always a fun time when some trees may shift pots and others shift position in the same pot. Small or big changes may happen. Timing is essential for repotting and this we address in this week’s Live Q&A among other interesting questions to answer.
Zelkova serrata.
It’s also a delicate time around here because temperatures may shift suddenly and then work can be wasted if we do it too early or if we do not protect trees from rapid temperature drops. New pots have arrived and now the matchmaking begins. Upcoming videos will deal with repotting so there will be plenty of interesting subjects I find for the next month with repotting in focus.

Q&A on Zoom

Questions are ticking in and I look forward to our Zoom Q&A at 8 PM, on Thursday.
Be sure to join in and send in questions and pictures before the meeting for better qualifying answers, but you can also just chip in at the meeting.
All for members. Read more at https://shohin-europe.com/live/

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