Shohin 2012

Shohin-bonsai display by Morten Albek.
Awarded with the runners up prize. Judged by Vaclav Novac.
Berberis thunbergii, Acer buergerianum and Potentilla fruticosa.

The past weekend I attended the national annual exhibition in the Danish Bonsai Society. The event took place at a bright place at the Danish Japanese Gardens.

This time my small shohin display was awarded with the runners up prize, judged by the head demonstrator CzechVaclav Novac, who did not fancy shohin in racks for some reason he told.

The winner was Torben Brenfeldt with a Taxus baccata and Japanese Black Pine display, and he also had a very nice five pieces display at the show. see this and the other shohin at the show at gallery below.

Here some pictures from the shohin-bonsai part of the exhibition i.e.

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