Fuchi Bonsai 10th anniversary exhibition

The past weekend we celebrated the 10th-anniversary exhibition at the Japanese Gardens in Broby, Denmark.  For once, the weather was fair with only one short shower. For some reason, the weather turns bad every time we exhibit. 😀 The exhibition The Fuchi Bonsai exhibition is a small show of what is ready at the present …

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Food for thoughts and for bonsai

Bonsai fertilization is almost like talking soil types. So many different opinions on how, when, and what. Food for thoughts and for bonsai Don’t miss the importance of feeding your bonsai right. It has a big influence on the development of branches, leaves, and flower preparation during autumn. That’s why the weekly episode is concentrating …

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Bonsai Q&A Yamadori, pines and junipers

Our bonsai Q&A is online answering 3 questions from our dedicated members. This time we zoom in a Yamadori aftercare, developing pines (old and young), and take a look at developing new growth a Shimpaku and Itoigawa junipers. Af full 43 minutes episode available now at Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online.   Yamadori Yamadori is a hot …

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Healing deciduous bonsai scars

Thinking back on one of the trips to Japan in 2005. Travel with friends, looking at Japanese gardens. And most of all. Looking at bonsai. In Takamatsu we found some bonsai nurseries selling fine and cheap pre-bonsai material. At that time I wanted some pre-bonsai I could style my self in the coming years. One …

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Saika Bonsai

This weeks episode at Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online is a corporation with Thor Holvila Bonsai Pots. Saika at Seikou-en Saika bonsai is a modern variation of bonsai. The video this week takes a look at how to improve it from being just a decoration and adding a touch of a bonsai feeling to the style. Back …

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Hot, hot, hot bonsai

It heats up around here. Watering three times a day at the moment. Hot weather demands extra care for the bonsai, and moving them around to avoid leaf burns is what I do these days. A few leaves edge dried on one Japanese maple, but only aesthetical harm for my eyes, nothing the tree will …

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Bonsai Seasons Podcast premiere – My story

Now you can also listen to bonsai. At least hear me rambling about bonsai. A little narcissist beginning talking about myself, and my approach to bonsai. Podcasts will be published occasionally. Hope you will enjoy it.

Cat-amono and the deciduous bonsai chess game

Kusamono or Catamono? Funny moment at the Kisetsu-en bonsai garden. Shooting the Dwarf Hosta as it just stands perfect with a new flower. Mounted in an Elsebeth Ludvigsen pot. Our cat – ruling the premises with secure paws – couldnt resist posing during the photo shoot. Deciduous chess play The new weekly episode is online. …

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Kokodama summer feeling

Adding a little summer feeling to the bonsai collection. Kokodama moss balls are neat and light in their expression. Using simple and young material like seedlings, ferns, perennials, or even annuals if you like. Kokodama The Kokodama is literally a clump of soil wrapped in mosses, with small plants growing in there. Instead of a …

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Itoigawa and Shimpaku shohin bonsai foliage

Building foliage pads Do you pinch or cut? That is not without importance how you control the growth and timing is essential to build up healthy foliage pads. The Japanese varieties of soft scale leaf Junipers are popular for Shohin bonsai. And not without reason. They build dense and compact foliage clouds if treated correctly. …

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