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Wiring during the winter

The dormant season may be a fine time to wire deciduous trees, as well as most conifers. It is not without importance exactly at what part of the season the work is carried out though. Evergreen Junipers for example have a low sap flow during winter and cope wiring well in this period, as the …

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Bonsai out at Christmas

I normally have all my bonsai safely stored for winter protection at this time of the year. Close to Christmas time. Although we have had some rain my trees are still out. Most of them. Winter care Some of the more vulnerable bonsai not liking the cold or being wet, are in a cold frame …

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Save at the Bonsai Empire shohin course

The Shohin Bonsai Course at Bonsai Empire is available at a discount for a limited time. We offer 30% discount on all courses from Dec 9, until Dec 12. The discount code is studybonsai (to be applied in checkout for 30% off). Go to Bonsai Empire to get your course and save.

Color shifts

Color shifts of the autumn keeps amazing me. Year after year I am flabbergasted by the beauty the leaves produces. Especially puzzling is when the same species changing colors weeks apart. Where some Japanese maples, Acer palmatum, are in yellow, red and orange clothings, others are still full green. This is often related to varieties …

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Shohin book offer includes shipping

There is a lot of hours behind the writing and making photographs for a book. Editing chapters right now to be ready for print. Some good news from the Publisher Esprit Bonsai. And good news for Shohin bonsai fans. My book “Shohin – Through the Seasons” is available for a special price for the English …

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Developing and correcting a Shohin bonsai

Patience with bonsai is a well known subject. Developing a Shohin bonsai through 14 years pays off when the plan is right. I always lowed the rough bark at the Cork bark elm, Ulmus parvifolia Corticosa.  It was mainly because of this feature I back in 2005 bought this small tree. Since then I carefully …

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Shohin bonsai preparations and Vlog 17

Slowly the autumn moves forward. Temperatures drops and it is time to stop feeding the trees. I remove all used organic fertilizers at this time to let the trees slowly slow down and get ready for dormancy. Deciduous trees will slowly turn their leaves into brilliant autumn colors when it gets colder. Autumn is  great …

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New bonsai book. Shohin – Through the seasons.

The English and french version of the new book “Shohin – Through the Seasons” is now ready for preorders for the English and French language. The book is launched in February 2020. It has been a great pleasure writing a new book, after my first Shohin – Majesty in miniature was sold out a long time …

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New Shohin bonsai book on its way

It’s a great pleasure to announce that I have e new Shohin bonsai book on the desk soon. At the Trophy in Genk last year the publishers of the Esprit Bonsai asked me if we could do a reprint of my first book. Originally published by Stone Lantern in 2008. I was really not in …

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Shohin Bonsai talk at the Trophy

At the Trophy in Genk, Belgium, I made a talk about Shohin Bonsai. Invited by Bonsai Empire who set up a fine event with several bonsai artists. Please enjoy. If you want to sign up for the Shohin course at Bonsai Empire you can do it here: Bonsai Empire Shohin lectures.

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