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    Relevant and good question. When the branches move back after removing the wire, it obviously was removed too soon. But this is difficult to know when you do it, especially with the bigger branches. The smaller branches are easier to follow, observing when the branch begins to swell around the wire, and then removing just when that starts. No later, because there is a risk of wire marks, and not sooner, because then it will not hold.

    The wire was attached to the smaller branches for around a year.

    The wire didn’t bite at most smaller branches, but they were growing well – but slow – and thickened, helping them stay in position after the wire was taken off.

    But the back branches did move. Despite the wire sitting for 18-20 months. The large branch bent the most stayed though. Probably because the inner callus after bending heavily kept it in place. The softer back branch didn’t have this inner scaring, and obviously is more flexible.

    But that is the usual process. Some branches will stay, and others need a second wiring and a new position. All that will be featured in the next episode.

    Older trees will grow more slowly, and therefore the wire has to sit much longer.