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Hi Elaine

Yes 🙂

I will do a piece about that in spring, but a quick description comes here.

If you have a flat rock or something similar, you can use the same method as when arranging a forest, or a single tree. Using Keto, that is a black sticky clay soil to build a barrier around, so the soil doesn’t wash off.

Be sure to mount screws or drilling holes at the bottom, so you can fix the plant in there with wire.

A second method is to build a base like when arranging a Kokodama. Kokodama is a decorative simple arrangement where a plant is planted in a moss-ball arrangement. Also here the Keto bæsticky clay soil is used, and afterwards covered by mosses, attached with a thin cord or sewing thread.

Set this Kokodama arrangement at top of the piece you have selected.

A video with the processes and how-to will be published in spring.

Link to a dealer with Keto.

If you google bonsai keto soil it will come up.

Best regards