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    Thanks Geoff.

    Pots are always dictated by the form, which might seem obvious but in some cases not. Here I find the smooth and elegant form with a thinner trunk, invites to a round pot with soft corners, and cloud feet elevating it.

    Those soft curves help the image of the tree. I would prefer a medium to darker unglazed pot supporting the foliage colour. I add a picture below that would fit this type of tree. A pot I have used for another Juniper with darker foliage. Therefore the light reddish-brown clay is well balanced for that tree I think. It could be slightly smaller though.


    Other possible pots maybe?

    I add a few other options too to consider. The slap should be thinner and not so rough but as inspiration. I could see the tree stand on that in a slightly more upright position too.

    The drum pot also will work well I think. Good colour to match needles, and the dots on the pot add that softness to the pot that will be in harmony with the tree. You might find other options with those characteristics supporting this one.


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