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New bonsai book. Shohin – Through the seasons.

The English and french version of the new book “Shohin – Through the Seasons” is now ready for preorders for the English and French language. The book is launched in February 2020.

It has been a great pleasure writing a new book, after my first Shohin – Majesty in miniature was sold out a long time ago.

Four chapters

The book has four main chapters, each dealing with the seasons; spring, summer, winter and autumn. Taking care of the trees, techniques and styling. Each chapter ends with the the display of the season, and how to display Shohin bonsai.

The book is now ready for pre orders in English and French language. 

Order your book today and save 30%

English edition can be ordered here: https://www.esprit-bonsai.com/A-18531-shohin-through-the-seasons.aspx 

French language – Language francaise: https://www.esprit-bonsai.com/A-18515-le-shohin-au-fil-des-saisons.aspx


Tokonoma in the garden

On request I here show how the Tokonoma in my bonsai garden was established. It was built during the summer 2016.

The raw Tokonoma at its first stage.

I did not do a sketch first, so no drawings and precise measures are available. The inner space is a bit larger than a tatami mat, 190 X 80 cm (75 X 31 inch.) The area in my Tokonoma covers approximately 200 X 90cm (79 X 35 inch). I am considering adding another small display area  at the side, having a space for a simple display of a grass, Suiseki or a single tree.

The height of the table area is 70 cm (27,5 inch.). Poles are set in concrete, so they are not having any soil contact. They are treated with an outdoor preserving paint first. The main pole with movement is from a garden tree (Beech).

The placement of the Tokonoma is central in the bonsai garden when guests arrives.

The roof is made of wooden planks overlapping. Back and side wall is wooden boards painted with several layers of protecting outdoor painting so it will last and withstand the weather. The side wall has an open window cut out, decorated with bamboo.

All resembling the spirit and mood of an original indoor Tokonoma.

Tokonoma used all year

I use it most of the year, for both bonsai and simple Suiseki displays. Tokonomas do not have to follow any strict measures and comes in different sizes, depending on the room they are in.

An outdoor Tokonoma like this, is probably not seen before (as far as I know). But I wanted this to add the right atmosphere in my bonsai garden, without having a large building.

Below a gallery of pictures with the bonsai garden Tokonoma for inspiration.

Chuhin crabapple case story

In one of the recent posts I showed a medium sized Chuhin bonsai displayed in the garden Tokonoma. This is the 12 year story of the bonsai up til now. Early spring 2005 I got the tree, that was dug up from a garden. It was a leftover from a bonsai friend who couldn’t use …

Chuhin crabapple case story Read More »

VIDEO: Shohin bonsai introduction

In this first episode in a new video series, I explain some basics about Shohin Bonsai.

Shohin-bonsai VIDEO tutorials

New Shohin-bonsai VIDEO events and tutorials to be launched soon on YouTube. In June I will post the first in a series of shohin videos, where I explain case stories, pruning techniques, daily care and more with most focus on Shohin-bonsai. Most from my private garden, showing how I work with my private collection. Also the outdoor Tokonoma will be part of the videos, where I will explain how both Shohin and larger bonsai are displayed during the season. All episodes will be published here on the website too.



Winning Shohin at Noelanders / EBA 2017

There are awards given at Noelanders Trophy and EBA as it is a tradition. Within the next days (starting sometime next week after a work travel to Berlin), I will comment on some of the entries. That will not be a judging, but a description of selected displays where I hope the words can give something extra …

Winning Shohin at Noelanders / EBA 2017 Read More »

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