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I have a nice Lonicera nitida shohin tree. Can you clarify how this should be leaf pruned? Some suggest clipping often and others suggest letting it grow before clipping as with most bonsai. 


I have collected a tree. It has shown signs of weak growth. How do I take care of it during winter?



This time questions about Camelia as bonsai and buying bonsai in Kyoto is answered. Below some relevant links thrown in with additional informations.

Toji Market in Kyoto

Koju-en Shohin Bonsai nursery in Kyoto

Import of plants in Sweden

Import plants to the EU

Takamatsu bonsai


What to do if you have forgot to water? How to try rescuing your tree.


Q&A Video – Should I take notes when I wire a bonsai, fertilizing and so on, or is it too much?


Q&A Video – Frosts and pots that cracks in winter. What to do?


Q&A Video – How to deal with pear rusts attacking junipers.


Q&A Video – what about fungus? What fungus does to bonsai – positive and negatively.