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    Geoff Hobson

    Hi, my name is Geoff and I am in Dorset in England. I have been growing bonsai for 20 years, and have around 150 trees. Some are shohin, but many are bigger. I have many species, but my favourite is Larch of which I have a lot.

    #I am a member of several local groups, and of UKBA.



    John from N. Ireland. I have only been keeping bonsai for around 5yrs. I am currently trying to increase my numbers of shohin trees and Accents. Apart from subscribing here I have taken Mortens course on bonsai empire and purchased his through the seasons book. Which is not just filled with great information but has tonnes of quality images which make for great references. Looking forward to taking part in this forum. Let’s make bonsai small again.



    Geoff Hobson

    Hi John,

    I also have the Bonsai Empire course, and I took the book to the Trophy to get it signed. I have started to get more shohin trees as I am finding my big ones too heavy these days. When I looked around my trees I realised that I have a lot of shohin trees.


    Hello All,

    I am John(JP) from Bungendore in Australia. I have been into Bonsai for only 7 years and am moving to mostly Shohin – this has been because I am 74 years old and because of Morten who I found in searching the internet for advice when I began and his first book which is in the library of the club I belong to – Canberra Bonsai Society – to gain experience I volunteered at the National Arbortetum for a couple of years – I have just 50+ trees.


    Great to see you all here. Feel free to post your bonsai for inspiration.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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