My big Cotoneaster

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    Ian Butland

      Hiya folks, thought you might like to see my big Cotoneaster that came from a friend having been ripped from the ground with a digger machine.  It came to me in earl 2017 and I left it to recover for two years when I got its first styling.  The last picture is the style finally decided on…..Weeping Willow style.  It should look fairly impressive when full of flowers and later on berries……..All the dead wood you can see is completely natural, the only carving has been around where dead branches were removed.  Just one live vein is supporting the entire canopy.




        That’s a cool tree and very special. Love it. Great work and seeing the potential standing out from the crowd.

        Ian Butland

          Thank you Morten, it has taken a while to decide on the final style.  It never looked complete with just a small canopy over the top, so the weeping style I think will suit it.


          Geoff Hobson

            I like the style Ian, different, nice pot too,


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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