Where to buy display tables for Shohin?

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    Hi Morten, it is very dificult to obtain a bonsai display table in the uk ,I want a stand that will hold at least 3 trees.Can you please advise the best place to obtain one . Kind regards Chris

    Hi Chris

    It is still not the most sold product around, and for some reason, the shops do not do much to have them available. Prizing may be too high so it is difficult to add a profit.

    I have bought mine some years ago. Some at travels to Japan, others I bought online from Japanese shops.

    I have collected some links (there might be others) where I found positive available racks and tables. One is from Brasil, the others are Japanese.

    Before the links, it is worth mentioning that there often are display tables and racks available at the bigger events in Europe, as the Trophy. I think I will have too some more research on this topic next time in Belgium.

    Here are some links, and I also raised the topic in our brand new members forum (just launched this morning). Feel free to post there too. Search these pages for other items than the landing page.

    Best regards








    Geoff Hobson

    I bought two from Rakuten earlier this year, came quite quick, they are very good. Cost me about £200 for two including delivery. Had to pay curtoms on them. They were not expensive either. I have seen some around but they are far and few between.





    if someone in Germany looks for Tabels or Displays I can recommend Mr Meyer.

    He is very friendly and helpful. But he only send to Germany.

    I hope I could help





    Thanks Mick. Good to know for our German friends.

    Oliver Wohlfarth

    Danke für die Info!

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