Workshop 24th April

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    Geoff Hobson

    We held a second workshop yesterday at Guggleton Farm Arts, in Stalbridge in Somerset England. There is an open bard we are ale to use in line with Covid regulations.

    The day was very breezy and out of the sun quite chilly, so next time we decided that we would move into the sunshine!

    I pruned two small Tridents just some dead its and long growth. Then I pruned an Olive that was in need, I also did some shari on two Junipers with a deadly instrument, but only cut myself once.

    The other members worked on different trees, including some Junipers.

    It was an excellent day.IMG_8303IMG_8323IMG_8324IMG_8320IMG_8319IMG_8318IMG_8310

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    Good to see some bonsai meetings again. Much needed. Thanks for sharing.

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