Spring rain

Acer palmatum, shohin.

It has been pouring cats and dogs all Easter, so it is surprising that the trees are still going on with their spring thing despite cold and wet weather. It has been a very mild winter, so everything seems to be pushed forward by this, despite the disappointing missing sun and heat now. A good thing though, is that it will keep the trees from flowering too short and too early, maybe be a good timing for the annual exhibition within three weeks from now, in the Danish Bonsai Society. Crossing fingers, and everything might be just in time.


A rainy view in to the garden

Today a rainy view in to the garden, with fresh spring growth. Rain clears everything and make it look fresh and inviting. Not that I do not like sunshine, I most certainly do, but there is something quiet and a very special atmosphere in a garden after a silent shower.

So today’s view from my garden is wet. I will now bring a cup of coffee to the shelter and enjoy a moment of silence, overlooking the bonsai area.

View from the living room.