Bonsai summer time

It´s summer time, and the Danish summer behaves as it sometimes does. It rains. It rains. And it rains.


Not much sun lately, but temperatures are alright. It might not be good for humans who wants to enjoy holidays by relaxing in the garden with the sun shining, enjoying the bonsai, eating diner outside – but is surely good weather for the plants. Days shifting between a little sun and then rain to nurse the foliage. Trees are clearly growing good, and benefits from this kind of weather. And there is a special mood in a garden after a night with summer rain that one can enjoy. Waiting for sun though. 😉


  1. Ann Mudie says:

    Hi Morten,

    I think I saw a yew amongst your photos? I have two yews growing in my garden which are about 4-5 years old with trunks approx 3-4 cms in diameter. How hard do you think I can cut them back? I want to keep them small – shohin (or smaller).

    Kind regards

  2. tinydemons says:

    It sounds like great weather for growing moss.

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