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Bonsai hedge pruning

Having a little fun yesterday, showing how NOT to prune your bonsai. Could be tempting to use an electric trimmer to shape the foliage pads. But it is not how bonsai is done. No shortcuts.

Johnny Eslykke shows the delicate trimming of a 30 year old boxwood and each small twig is trimmed by cutting between leaf pairs, to make the cut invisible. Clipping it like a hedge will just leave ruined leafs with brown edges, and not be the aesthetic appearance as it should be.

Azalea from cutting

Great weather for a sunday meeting at the Fuchi Bonsai workgroup in the garden of Torben Pedersen. Trees trimmed as it is the time for trimming early summer, early June, around  here.

I worked on several shohin that sunny day. One of them was a gift from Johnny, who grown an Azalea from a cutting started around five years ago. Today I took it one step further by cutting it back, restarting new growth with a future semi-cascade in mind. Lets see what happens later on.

Christmas bonsai meeting

We are three guys (middle aged to aged) meeting regularly to work with bonsai. We have done this for more than fifteen years now. Maybe close to twenty? December 22nd we had this year’s last meeting, doing bonsai as we use to, eating a meal and enjoying ourselves. This time it was at Johnny Eslykke´s place. He also got a small Tokonoma in the room where we work.

Johnny Eslykke.

We discuss each others trees, give advices and helping with design and growth issues when needed. We also arrange public meeting in between, exhibitions and more. But the foundation is our little community together. We will continue this to the very end I am sure. It is great to make friends in bonsai that grows to be friendships beyond too. This I experience when I come around the world doing workshops and demos. A lot of good relations are build upon our common interest in the art of bonsai.

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families.

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Merry Christmas

2016 is running out slowly, and we are going to enjoy Christmas time here. Weather is bonsai friendly, so i still enjoy bringing a bonsai to the outdoor Tokonoma build this summer. One of the things that happened in 2016 was moving to our new place at the countryside, now living among large trees with …

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Preparation for exhibition

Preparation for exhibition and spring work was carried out in our small workshop today. Good weather (not extremely warm, but some sun in between) made it a pleasant day. Some shohin made prepared for exhibition two weeks ahead in the Danish Bonsai Society, and some regular work with larger trees as well. The weather seems …

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Fuchi Bonsai group meeting

Monday we had another of our group meetings in Fuchi Bonsai www.fuchi-bonsai.com It is a very small group with my two friends Torben Pedersen and Johnny Eslykke. We meet every month for joy and bonsai workshop. We also arrange some masterclasses and exhibitions. This was just another day at the office though. Spring work with …

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