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The bonsai event

The biggest Danish bonsai event took place Saturday the 6th, may 2017. A wonderful day with great people and small trees. The Danish Bonsai Society has this spring event every year. This year my local group Fuchi Bonsai hosted the event, and it seems at it was well received. Here

Workshop forår 2016

Only in Danish  🙂 Vi er klar med to møder i foråret.    Fuchi Bonsai / Shohin Bonsai Danmark 3. april – kl. 10 -15 Omplantning. Sted: Johnny Eslykke, Skovhaven 90, 5320 Agedrup. Husk madpakke og tøj efter vejret. Vi er udenfor. TILMELDING på fuchi@fuchi-bonsai.com SENEST den 28. MARTS.  

Christmas decorations (almost)…

Today we had a little meeting in the Fuchi Bonsai workshop. We successfully avoided any Christmas lights and decorations on the trees, but had some good work hours in good company. The weather is very mild for this time of year, so the trees still have some sap flow and