Rainy bonsai exhibition

For some reason unknown, and maybe needed to be searched deep in our souls, it nearly always rains and is a bit chilly (sometimes really cold) when we at Fuchi Bonsai have our yearly exhibition at The Japanese Gardens in Denmark. Even in a time of drought and heat, it suddenly changes overnight and rains cats and dogs when we are doing our small show. 😀

This was the eight in a row, and very well visited. Fuchi Bonsai is a small group of three people. Johnny Eslykke, Torben Pedersen and me, Morten Albek.

Below photos and a short 3 min. video from the Fuchi Bonsai show. There also is a new Q&A video for subscribers at the Bonsai Video studio, as well as the latest vlog no 8, if you missed it in the holidays. Next monthly theme will be focused on kusamono accents for bonsai, so be sure to get back and check it out. Make your subscription today and watch all content when signed up. First month is a free trial period as always.  For as little as 13 Euros a month you get a lot of bonsai information and video examples on going. You also can save and select a longer subscription for 11 Euros. 

Photo gallery below the Video.

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