Times changes

Times changes refers to the time of year changing, from warmer – colder back to warmer weather again. Confused? So am I ๐Ÿ™‚ But typical April behaviour around here.

The spring started very mild and a lovely period of warm weather have been present for some weeks. Now it has changed to the somewhat cooler weather for a period, before it again changes to warmer temperatures. These large shifts in temperatures, even with a few freezing nights around, demands careful moving of trees in and out of shelter to protect from cold nights.

I newer let my trees stay too long in the garage or greenhouse, because I think they are better off being hardened and developing their new leaves in open air. Having them bursting new leafs under roof in a garage or greenhouse develops elongated and fragile leafs, so I always bring out the trees early in spring.

I have to protect some specimens though already folding out leafs, or flowering specimens to avoid damage of this fragile growth. Some moving in and out the protected storage room is demanded these days, but soon real spring is here evident on the pictures showing new growth for the coming season.

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