Summer shohin display

Summer isn’t normally the most preferred time of the year to show or display bonsai, according to the traditional Japanese customs. Probably because summer time is the hot season in Japan, and the growing season for bonsai therefore being out of shape and unfit for exhibition.

Summertime in northern Europe though may be different when looking at certain trees, and taking into account that summers here are milder (colder) and not that much out of season as they might seems at other locations. Nevertheless I like to set up a display in the Tokonoma when ever appropriate, and recently having a visit by two bonsai friends it was natural to make a display showing the beauty of the Danish summer.

The Cherry tree is a very traditional sign of midd to late summer in this area, and having the first fruiting ever, I found great pleasure arranging a display especially celebrating the fruits of the Prunus avium. The tree flowered nicely in spring and despite a sudden cold spring period, the fruits developed nicely at the tree.

Summer time has a certain mood when the wild cherry fruits and so it was celebrated. (Today my wife and I ate the now red fruits. Delicious) 🙂




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