Tokonoma night lights


Tokonoma version 2.0 Now light is installed in the outdoor Tokonoma, finished this summer for enjoying bonsai viewing. This makes it possible to make a display in the evenings during the darker periods of autumn. Displayed is a not yet finished Japanese maple, but chosen for the autumn leaves change.

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  • Joe Vincenti

    Wonderful idea. I am starting to think of making a Tokonoma as with all my trees bunched up they don’t individually get the space they need to be enjoyed. Have you seen the new book KAZARI by Edoardo Rossi (in English & Italian) a must for Tokonoma displays!

    • Morten Albek

      Thanks Joe. It is very nice to have a special place to display whatever tree you want, to view it and appreciate it better for some time. Sometimes I change it after a day, sometimes it stays for two or three days. I know of the book by Rossi, but have not bought it yet. I have another good book about displaying 🙂
      Kind regards

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