Bonsai Namaste – website launched


Bonsai Namaste is the name of a bonsai group in India. Also the name of a big event taking place in early 2018. At you can follow the group and the event. Bonsai Namaste means Welcome Bonsai, and is the spirit of the wonderful people that are putting a lot of energy in the event.

It is organised by Prajakta Kale, Sucheta Avadhani and Kamini Johari . Follow the newly lauched website at


International bonsai teachers will be present with demonstrations and workshops. The list so far have these great people ready:

Morten Albek (Denmark) – Bjorn Bjornholm (US) – Koji Hiramatsu (Japan) – Marco Invernizzi (Italy) – Rudy Najaon (Indonesia) – Kunio Kobayashi (Japan) – Marc Noelanders (Belgium) – Mauro Stemberger (Italy) – Peter Warren (UK).

I will keep you updated all the way, when news are available.

Photoshoot for a coffee table book.


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