Shohin in Focus

The cold days arrived a little late this year. Colours have been reluctant arriving here at the season end. But the deciduous Cotoneaster finally shows some colour now. The bonsai area is a bit better protected from colds, being placed away from open ground, where frost easier finds it way with cooler winds.

Winter preparations

The simple tasks for next days is to wait for leaves getting better coloured. When they drop I will clean away everything that can collect fungus during winter, and set the bonsai in their winter storage room. When sun is here, there is pretty wonderful in the bonsai garden. A good muck of coffee and a chair is healthy for your mind (if you like coffee – I am sure you like bonsai).

Shohin in Focus

In the last two issues of Bonsai Focus I have written articles about Shohin bonsai displaying. I do not judge the shown displays, but take time to reflect on my personal view on the displays. Interesting subject that will show up later in my up coming video series here at the Shohin Bonsai Europe Studio, that takes of January 1st.


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