Bonsai Video Studio opens December 20

The new bonsai video studio opens December 20. Give yourself a Christmas gift and sign up for a subscription to monthly themes, Q&A video responses, following the four seasons of bonsai, tutorials and more. Aimed for both newbies and the experienced bonsai enthusiast.

From book to video.

Ten years ago I published the book, Majesty in miniature – Shohin-Bonsai – Unlocking the secrets of small trees, at Stone Lantern Publishing. It has been a great success. Better than expected. Now the time is to continue the travel, and this is with video. If you sign up for the newsletter you will get a 25% discount (end January 31. 2018) on top of the first month that is free for every first time subscribers.

I look forward very much to share my knowledge of bonsai, and aims for high quality content as well as an aesthetical viewing experience. Sign up for the newsletter and get your discount coupon with the newsletter when we open.

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