Horsetail Kusamono

The Kusamono Dwarf Horsetail, Equisetum scirpoides, is a gift from a good bonsai friend. He didn’t remember the name, so I had to research a bit to find the correct name of it. I like the elegant structure with the tiny dark knees dividing each of the stems. Also it`s black, pointy cone is distinctive.

Dwarf Horsetail, Equisetum scirpoides.

Growing together

Placed in a pot by Eimei,Youzan Tokoname, Japan, underlines the elegant small plant. Actually a pot I found difficult to use, but now it shines with its new guest. Planted this spring, and developed nicely through the season. Dwarf Horsetail, needs a moist environment, and is therefore placed on top of a water tray, to keep humidity high.

Time will add a more established expression and age to the Kusamono. When the plant begins to fill the pot, it will look more aged and with a timeless feeling. As with bonsai age and harmony is important. Not achieved at day one.

Equisetum scirpoides, Dwarf Horsetail.

The pot

The pot I have had for some time, trying different plants in it. None with a good result so far. Not before now. Sometimes it is about trying different solutions, and some day it turns out just right.

The pot was bought only because I really liked it. Not because I had any plans with a tree or accent to go in it. So we do. Get lost in the beauty, finding out later, that there was no idea at the moment the money were spent. Now I am just glad I did it.

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