Bonsai Green day´s

Four days in Poland at Bonsai green day´s takes an end. The PAB, Marek Gajda and all his helpers have done a great job including attracting a lot of visitors. Meeting old friends and making new may sound like a cliché. But this is how it works and makes it worthwhile traveling around the world with bonsai.

The Grand Prix winning tree. Juniper by Jan Novotny from Czech.

Glad to be invited back by Marek Gajda doing Shohin workshops, judging the show, and doing a demo on a larger Juniper.

Grand prix winning tree, Juniper, by Jan Novotny, Czech republic. Best European native bonsai, Common Myrtle, Myrtus communis, by Herbert Obermeyer from Germany.

The exhibition shows that quality have raised quite a bit since my last visit here. Great material with a lot of potential for the coming years. Congratulations on bringing the level up to this standard. The European bonsai scene develops all the time.

Myrtle communis. Best European native tree in show. Herbert Obermeyer, Germany.

Also a more simple and version of Shohin display was presented.

The show had a great number of visitors, and I made a short video from the event. Watch video below, and all photos at the photo gallery.

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