Spring maple leafs

Always a treat to watch the new tender spring maple leafs open. Changing colour from reddish green to clearer green, showing subtle changes almost daily.

Shohin bonsai. Japanese maple, Acer palmatum.


There can be some days or even weeks between pieces of the same specie starts the seasonal growth. Most is controlled by light and temperature. Or simply due to different locations within the garden, letting one tree being exposed for more light. Also the strength and health of the tree will have its influence on how strong and how early the new growth appears. The rest depends on the genetic code stored in each tree, which both will show differences in leaf size, and when the tree leafs out. All in all complex patterns influencing on spring growth.

Trident maple, Acer buergerianum. Shohin bonsai.

The Japanese maples, Acer palmatum, normally shows the first signs of growth. Followed by Trident maples, Acer buergerianum, having a need of warmer temperatures to thrive.

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