Bonsai out at Christmas

I normally have all my bonsai safely stored for winter protection at this time of the year. Close to Christmas time. Although we have had some rain my trees are still out. Most of them.

Winter care

Some of the more vulnerable bonsai not liking the cold or being wet, are in a cold frame now. That is the Japanese red pine and Trident maple. But the rest are still out enjoying the fresh air.

Juniperus chinensis, Shohin bonsai.

Some are protected under a roof, taking the rain from wetting the soil too much. The rest are still on their benches. Because the weather is still fine and not very cold yet. That might change in January. It usually does. Then all trees will be handled accordingly. Brought into their shelter, so the soil and roots will not be frozen and unable to take up water for transpiration.

Watering trees during winter time is something some enthusiasts forget. Remember that the trees, even when it is cold, still takes up a small amount of water. And that the oxygen in the soil needs to be replaced. This happens when you water.

This, and much more, about seasonal care and developing bonsai, you can read in my new book; “Shohin through the seasons”. Released in February by Esprit Bonsai.

You can order your copy online here:

Or get it at the Trophy in Genk coming up at the end of February. I will be there and be happy to sign it if you want. Have a great Christmas.

Best wishes, Morten Albek.

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