Spring arrives

Spring arrives and with dramatic temperature shifts for sure. Two weeks ago filming bonsai in the snow at minus 13C / 8,6 F. Yesterday was the sixth warmest day since 1874. And a shift of more than 25 degrees Celsius in just one weeks time.

We are working hard on the next episodes of our online tutorials released on March 1st.

Filming topics about

  • spring maintenance and preparation of bonsai
  • fertilizing, in-depth about NPK
  • deadwood at deciduous trees
  • repotting flowering bonsai
  • in detail preservation of deadwood at Potentilla
  • soils
  • tool care
  • members Q&A

I hope you will appreciate the content of this month, bringing inspiration to your own bonsai.

Trees are back on the benches after a secure period protected from the cold. Cleaning beaches and tidying up the garden is part of the spring preps before the growing season starts.

Another topic for the March video edition is about soil. We will touch that subject when repotting and understanding the needs of different trees.

Spring sale

We offer a 30 % discount for new members who want to try out a membership. Use the discount code bonsai30 at checkout when you select your  1, 3 or 6 months membership. Sign up an start viewing right away.

The sale ends on March 5. 

The membership will automatically renew when it runs out and charging the regular price when renewed.


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