Free blog posts and bonsai tutorials in 8 languages

We discovered a bug that made blog posts only available for members and that was not intended. The bug is gone, and all blog pots are of course free to read. Let us know if you find a blog post restricted for members and we will fix it.

Translated bonsai tutorials

We created a small GIF so you can see how you add subtitles in different languages.

So far you can enjoy adding subtitles in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil) and Polish. Covering our main customer’s language. Do we need to add other languages?

We now added Dutch to the list from August and onwards.



Video introduction

If you want to visit the improved website it will be a pleasure

We are working on a better user experience all the time, and with the online bonsai school is our modest hope is to bring you new skills to improve your bonsai. Browse around, and I hope you like it.

Here is a video introduction to the website, our services and how you get the full experience.



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