Bonsai inspiration from nature

Inspiration for bonsai comes from various sources.

Sometimes it is watching bonsai at a show or in a bonsai garden. Other times it is in books or watching a video.

The best resource is though the nature surrounding us. Or where we go to.

Recently I went on a trip to Norway. Walking around the woods and mountains made a great impact on me. The nature of the Nordic countries is an ongoing source of experiences and inspiration.


The autumn is a little ahead up north. Colours and the sensation from mosses and decaying dead wood is one thing. Another is the aged Pines and their majestic but powerful slim elegant trunks. Foliage pads hanging with green needles formed and influenced by the sun and wind.

I try to memorise the impact. Making notes and taking photos to remember. But most important I try to just take in the feeling, and I hope to bring this into the design of bonsai. I will follow up on this in upcoming episodes and a podcast.

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