Almost Friday 23 unboxing bonsai pots

Unboxing beautiful pots from Vargas Ceramics.

In this episode from Kisetsu-en we open a box of candy. Special artwork from Kerámia Varga exploring new modern expressions.

Watch Almost Friday video placed at the end of the post.

Unique modern bonsai pots add more to the bonsai expression.

Normally we want bonsai pots to be underplayed and not in focus, but Mr Varga from Hungary has a different approach. He wants the pot to drag attention together with the tree. At Kisetsu-en we take up the challenge and in upcoming episodes, we will make new works in a modern style using these unique pots.


Because of a very poor translation service from our provider, we are using an enormous amount of time correcting and adapting subtitles. Therefore, we sadly feel it is necessary to end the service when January ends. We know a few of you make use of the subtitles in between but hope you understand.
It has not been possible finding a substitute more reliable, and using more time on correcting and changing text than filming and recording makes no sense. The next videos coming up are still with subtitles and then we continue with English. We thank you for your understanding.


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