Bonsai mornings at Kisetsu-en

Although spring is busy for all bonsai pros and enthusiasts, repotting, starting up watering for real and controlling spring growth, there are still no excuses for not enjoying new growth and the shift from dormancy to life. Spring is here to be enjoyed.

The regular routine here is walking around the Kisetsu-en garden with a coffee, and just observing and waking up slowly. Without this routine, the day is off and unbalanced for me. 

This walk also serves the purpose of observing any pests and lack of water for any bonsai and watching the progress of all trees. Take it all in and be one with bonsai. Nothing is more important to me than this and teaching.

Especially exciting is to watch if any of the trees cut back hard in winter do respond well or not. Cutting down larger trees is one of my preferred techniques to develop small Shohin with fat trunks, skipping much of the process of growing from seed. This a subject for a future live stream in May.

But first I will show how I arrange branches at the very early stages of developing Shohin bonsai based on a question I received lately from a member. Live stream today at 8 PM (CET +”).

If you have any questions about bonsai and what to do and when. Please join BONSAI ON at Kisetsu-en.

Setting the first branches at new bonsai material

On Thursday’s Live stream, I show how new material is treated, how branches are selected and how important the first early steps are for the future design.

Live stream Thursday at 8 PM (CET +2) 20:00. Recorded and online for replay one hour after the live has ended.

Please remember all live streams are recorded and available to watch again, or the first time if you can’t be online when streamed.


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