Pushing bonsai ideas

Pushing bonsai ideas is the most important part of my bonsai teaching.

Techniques and caretaking are equally important parts of any workshop, but I try not to pressure certain styles or ways of designing a bonsai onto the participants. Instead, I try to set up possible options and aesthetic considerations and let the student make the final decision.

The Dragon Bonsai workshop in Wales took part this past weekend

Sunny Wales (yes there were about two hours of sunshine during the weekend) was the destination this weekend. A good crowd gathered by the management of Chris Thomas worked intensely on Saturday and Sunday. A lot of small trees were styled and prepared for future growth.

It’s a pleasure to be around this group of dedicated bonsai enthusiasts, and we do it again next year. I am looking forward to being back with you all again.

The gallery below shows the many trees worked on.

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