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Improve your skills - Improve your bonsai

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Every week a new video is launched. Following the seasons, with focus on styling, caretaking and inspiration.

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Stay on top of the seasonal caretaking. For beginners and advanced bonsai enthusiasts.

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Morten Albek

Kisetsu-en means garden of the seasons.
The garden is located in Denmark, and most content is filmed here.

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There has been several request on t-shirts from Kisetsu-en. Now we have made it available and set up a webshop. 

Get the popular logo for your t-shirt, cap or cup and more.

Two design options with the logo and another with the “Make bonsai small again” slogan.

Choose yours today.

New book

BOOK: Shohin - Through the seasons.

Follow the four seasons and learn to handle techniques, care and displaying Shohin bonsai.

English language. Langue française.

29.90 €


Please send any questions concerning, price, payment, shipping i.e. at the publisher. 

Change the page to English language when ordering.

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