Shohin bonsai is the modern art in bonsai. 

小品盆栽 & 豆盆栽 – Shohin means “a small thing”. A tree is considered to be a Shohin Bonsai when 8″ (20 cm) or below.


One of the first dedicated to Shohin-bonsai in Europe.


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Weekly new content is released with a special focus on Shohin bonsai and middle-sized bonsai.

Episodes on special techniques, caretaking and styling. Following the seasons.

Learn to grow your own bonsai using simple and affordable material.

Monthly LIVE Q&A for members. Personal bonsai coaching to raise the level of your bonsai collection.

Online teaching with world-renowned Shohin bonsai expert Morten Albek.

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Morten Albek

I have been around bonsai since the early nineties and always been fascinated by the smaller bonsai and growing them myself.

This led me to write two books about shohin-bonsai. I am travelling the world to demonstrate and lead workshops with both Shohin and larger sized bonsai.

At the Kisetsu-en bonsai online school we cover a wide range of three sizes and species.

With more than 25 years experience and a background as a gardener, I strive for excellence in bonsai and teaching you to grow your own bonsai.

Techniques, aesthetics and joy is key words in my teaching.
Sign up and experience my world of bonsai.

The video library grows week by week, and there are hours to watch already. 

Also, join the LIVE Q&A monthly where your bonsai questions are answered live.  

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Summer Tokonoma display

After a good rain all night and morning the sky cleared and the sun is back. Time well spent setting up a summer display at the Tokonoma. A summer display presenting a European Birch, Betula pendulla. Although still needing a bit of development a display makes it clear what is...

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I only say this once

Some of my generation will know the sentence “Listen very carefully. I only say this once!”. This comes from a hilarious episode of the comedy series Allo Allo. Without further due let’s talk about bonsai. Because this week we publish three variations of content. So we do not say it...

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Juniper Shohin mini demo

The past weekend Kisetsu-en had a stand at the Danish Bonsai Association yearly event. We had a lot of talks with people and not enough time to make the usual load of pictures. So here we go with a few snapshots (image gallery at the end of the post) from...

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The bonsai Bowler Hat syndrome

The last week of spring comes closer. The Azaleas show all their beauty from now on. Both in the Kisetsu-en garden and as bonsai. After that comes summer and the green season. Repotting is over and the focus is on the scissors. Trimming foliage and extended branches. But in some...

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Kisetsuen ON-new

Newest video content


I have been a member here for over a year, I wait eagerly for the next magazine each month.

I have found the videos to be extremely useful, not just for shohin but chuhin and larger trees.

I love the live Q&A on Zoom, it is a super way to interact with Morten as well as other members.
I wait for Almost Friday too, which can be as good as the monthly tutorials.

I have recommended Kisetsu en to lots of growers and continue to do so. I bought the Shohin book last year at the Trophy, and find that good too.

I find the various tutorials to be useful in depth and entertaining and well worth the money.
Many species are covered with material that is affordable for normal people rather than trees that very expensive.

Geoff Hobson

"Thank you for talking about the problems this spring in episode 7 of almost Friday and your personal answers per Mail.

Your advice gives me a lot and that helps me on my way."

Dennis Fitzek

"First think I will say I like your Page and all your work and I see your Love to Bonsai, it is not only business and that wonderful."

Michael Strohkark

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