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Kinbon Magazine interview

In the October issue of the Japanese bonsai magazine, Kinbon Magazine, a large article featured Shohin-bonsai expert Tomohiro Masumi  at his tour in Denmark and Russia earlier this summer. Interviews with Morten Albek was a part of the  four pages article covering the Danish Bonsai Society 30 years anniversary exhibition, and personal interview. A big …

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Bonsai Focus with Tomohiro Masumi

In the November/December 2011 issue  of the international  Bonsai Focus magazine, articles with Japanese Shohin-bonsai expert Tomohiro Masumi will be published.I have produced the articles at my latest trip to Japan, and hope you will like the result. Tomohiro Masumi at the Koju-en nursery in Kyoto, Japan.

Japan growth versus northern Europe

Climate has a big influence on the growth. The warmer Japanese climate, high air humidity and long growing seasons make the Japanese bonsai grow with great speed and far quicker than us using the northern hemisphere as base. The shorter growing season here do develop trees in a lower tempo than in Japan. At a …

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Mame-bonsai is growing in popularity like shohin at this time. The prize of the larger trees are going lower and lower, because shohin is growing so much still. A few places are keen to develop mame-bonsai (Mame Bonsai or bean-size bonsai is less than 10 centimetres / 4 inches in height. Also the with must …

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Levels of shohin growing

The way shohin-bonsai is grown in Japan may differ some from the western way. There are two ways of starting material in Japan. Some amateurs like to grow cuttings and make material from seeds. This lower level material is then after some development sold to bonsai nurseries who brings it up to the next levels. …

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Bonsai in Japan 2011

Recently I went home after a two weeks travel to Japan. Humidity and temperatures went to the sky, but the experiences did too. Seeing Japanese bonsai in the flesh is an experience to learn from when possible. Probably it will be a while before going again, so I was keen to take a good load …

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