No 411/1755

Behind this not so exiting headline hides a wonderful book, The Collectors Island No 1. The book is printed “Fondazione Cologni Dei Mestieri DÁrte”, an Italian foundation of arts started by a watchmaker. The book is one of a kind (and the first edition) collecting a series of articles about world collectors of art pieces.

In the book collectors of valuable art are presented with their art pieces; paintings, sculptures, cars, watches i.e.

So, what has this to do with bonsai? A little, because I contributed with an article and photos about Japanese bonsai collector Daizo Iwasaki, who passed away earlier this year.

I am really proud of being a contributor to this very special book, which stands out extraordinary in printing techniques and layout. I hope this honors’ the spirit of Daizo Iwasaki, and it places bonsai as art on a high level being included in this first edition of Collectors Island.

The book I received is No 411 out of the printed 1755 copies. No 412 goes to Naomi Iwasaki, Daizo Iwasakis widow.

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