Shohin display with western scroll painting

For UK Bob Bailey I set up two pieces of shohin display this morning. To show how the western scroll paintings works in a shohin display. In lack of a blue winter scroll (Kakejiku) to hold the painting, I used what was in stock. A dark green or another winter reminding colour will work well too. Forgive me the lack of this at this time. Later I will do another winter display with an appropriate scroll painting holder, Kakejiku.

First piece is a shohin display using a Lonicera nitida (14 cm heigh), with a Potentilla fruticosa (15 cm) were the leaves have now dropped.

Next a 23 cm heigh Rhododendron lysolepsis with a accent planting showing a withered grass i.e.

Both displays accompanied by the scroll paintings of my artist wife. I find the result is pleasing, and it will be enhanced adding using a scroll with cooler colours to add the right feeling of winter time.

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