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Top 5 bonsai No. 3

The next of my favourite bonsai on the top 5 bonsai list, still in random order, is the Yew. European Yew, alias Taxus baccata. To me one of the strongest and most beautiful trees that is a full quality replacement for the classic Japanese black pine traditionally (and almost always) used as the main bonsai …

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Top 5 bonsai – Cotoneaster

In some of the next posts i will show my personal top 5 hit list of bonsai subjects. It will be in random order, because I can’t choose one for another. The first choice is the Cotoneaster. Among its many advantages is the small leaves, flowers and autumn berries. Most are deciduous but specimens that keeps …

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Fuchi Bonsai group meeting

Monday we had another of our group meetings in Fuchi Bonsai www.fuchi-bonsai.com It is a very small group with my two friends Torben Pedersen and Johnny Eslykke. We meet every month for joy and bonsai workshop. We also arrange some masterclasses and exhibitions. This was just another day at the office though. Spring work with …

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Growing better shohin roots and trunk

The technique shown in the pictures here and below, is usable for younger trees started as seedlings or cuttings. To develop a good nebari (surface roots) and trunk thickening at deciduous trees like Japanese maples or as shown here, European Beech (Facus sylvatica), a simple technique can be used. The trick is to let the …

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Progression works

Having some time available these days I have reorganized some articles upon request. These progression articles hopefully will inspire to do some shohin and mame bonsai from either prepared material or ordinary garden stocks. At the moment six examples are available at the website www.shohin-europe.com and with time others will be added, as well as …

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Mame Shimpaku Juniper

During my travel to Japan this year in July, I had the opportunity to visit several shohin bonsai growers. In Angyo I visited the nursery of Akimoto, a very friendly man, who sold me a small Shimpaku Juniper for a friendly prize. This coming Mame sized bonsai had a lot of good branches, a small …

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Shohin Juniper step 3

Continuing the work from the last post, the Juniper is now ready for the next (third step) in its progression. The arrangement of the branches and canopy is often some of the appealing work for many, because it is here you may change a tree totally in a new direction, and show off some dramatic …

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Juniper progress

This Juniperus chinensis, has been on its way for five months now since I acquired it at local bonsai shop in July. It’s a classic pre-bonsai with both flaws and positive features. My work with this tree is one step at the time, leaving plenty of time for the tree to recover after each operation …

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