A Kifu bonsai challenge

Some types of raw bonsai material can be really interesting. At the upcoming December video release, Morten Albek uses all his energy and creativity in the dance around a challenging piece of Yamadori Scots pine.

Two and a half years have been used strengthening up the tree and developing new foliage since collecting the tree at the Norwegian cliffs.

Today the tree stands strong and is ready to advance. In the video and article in Esprit Bonsai Magazine, Morten Albek shows you advanced techniques and shares the thought process of creativity during this one-hour intensive tutorial.

The pine is old for its size and has relatively short natural needles. The strength is shown by this tree in its ability to produce new growth close to the trunk, despite being between 20-15 years old. Be ready for the video release on December 1 st.

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Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris before styling.


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