Bonsai winter storage and styling a Yamadori pine

Winter storage This winter has been very unchallenging when thinking about bonsai survival. Little freezing and only in very short periods when it finally decided to drop by. So far so good. Despite that, trees are stored in a cold part of the house with good natural light. Why store them protected from almost nothing then, knowing that a little …

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Ready for Noelanders / EBA2017

Finished all the cleaning up, details and applying moss on the soils surfaces i.e. on the bonsai that I will bring to the EBA 2017 exhibition at Noelanders Trophy this upcoming weekend. Today tables are cleaned and packed for the ride. Will be there from Friday and all the way to the end at Sunday. New business cards ready too …

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Top 5 bonsai – Cotoneaster

In some of the next posts i will show my personal top 5 hit list of bonsai subjects. It will be in random order, because I can’t choose one for another. The first choice is the Cotoneaster. Among its many advantages is the small leaves, flowers and autumn berries. Most are deciduous but specimens that keeps foliage through the winter are …

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Fuchi Bonsai group meeting

Monday we had another of our group meetings in Fuchi Bonsai It is a very small group with my two friends Torben Pedersen and Johnny Eslykke. We meet every month for joy and bonsai workshop. We also arrange some masterclasses and exhibitions. This was just another day at the office though. Spring work with spring maybe there finally? The …

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