Satsuki Azalea flower on display

It´s flower time for Satsuki Azalea. This season two of them are showing changing colors. Usually, all flowers are white but some branches are more or less stepping back to a stronger genetic.
Pots are Japanese, and accent pots are by the hands of Elsebeth Ludvigsen.


Azalea flower on display

The heat probably will make the show of flowers last shorter than usual, so it’s about enjoying it to the fullest as long as it lasts.

I have noticed (as mentioned in the previous post) that some Azalea flowers step back one or two steps and let stronger genetics take over at certain branches. It is pure coincidence that this happens on two trees in the same season, but interesting nonetheless.

Both branches are marked to keep the branches when pruning back right after flowering.

Bringing trees into the studio Tokonoma adds that extra beauty and extra attention to the tree. The scroll used is showing water streams and shrimps, depicting the seasonal feeling of summer and a cool feeling.

Yew summer prune Live stream Thursday

In the live stream at 8 PM (UTC +2, Copenhagen time), we look deep into the development of fine branching and new growth control on Yew, Taxus baccata.  The live stream is based on a question directed to the monthly Q&A in almost two weeks, but because the timing is now and because it is a theme needing time and explanation it will be addressed in the Live stream Thursday, June 22, 8 PM (UTC +2, Copenhagen time).

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